Our Environmental Policy

As Sunis Hotels, we set new targets every year for a clean environment and evergreen future. Although our primary goal is to produce as little waste as possible, we classify the wastes that we generate while producing, and try to recycle them, or eliminate them when it cannot be recycled, in a way that will not harm the environment and in accordance with the law.

In order to reduce usage of our natural resources and waste production to the lowest possible level, we aim to develop new methods, to prevent environmental pollution by eco friendly projects and to ensure the continuity of the systems established in the area of environmental protection.

Representing Sunis Hotels, we prioritize guest satisfaction and health on front plan due to 'Quality, Food and Environment' policy.

Our principles for this purpose are:
• Comply with all environmental legislation and administrative regulations,
• Optimizing the usage of energy and natural resources,
• Comply with environmental criteria and control the negative effects of these substances in the raw materials and auxiliary materials used,
• Prevent pollution, reduce waste and provide maximum recycling by separation at source,
• Raising awareness, inform and motivate employees through trainings on environment,
• Continuous improvement of environmental performance.


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