Spa Center


Make yourselves a favor by decorating with our relaxing and enjoyable SPA services that will help you get rid of your stress during your unique holiday experience!
Along with the negative energy in your body, massage and therapies are used to purify your soul; you may want to spend the whole day at the Spa center. Rejuvenate your body and mind with our expert staff in spa, therapy and massage techniques.
In the traditional Turkish Hammam, you will see the deep-rooted bath culture revitalized in professional hands. In addition to the services we offer to our adult guests, you can also access private bath concepts for children in Sunis Kumköy.

You can experience the most enjoyable moments of your holiday here with many modern and traditional care methods, from aromatic massages to chocolate masks. With peeling applications made with Turkish coffee, special body care programs and honey & cinnamon cure, we shall help you to have a purified and rejuvenated skin.


Don't forget to try out the our special massage oils that help your body full relax and the massage parlor services offered by our expert massage staff.

Aromatherapy 'Relax' massage, which will touch your soul with your body, will give you peace of mind.
A warm stone massage applied with warm volcanic stones will remove all electricity accumulated in your body. This massage, which gives you a feeling of complete refreshment, opens all your chakras by placing them in various parts of your body with a special technique, eliminating all obstacles for the passage of positive energy.

With the reflexology-foot massage that our professional team applies exclusively for you, you will be amazed at the fact that all the nerves in your body relax. If you wish, you can experience the most peaceful moments of your life with Thai massage, which regulates blood circulation and energy, and the anti-stress massage technique which makes you forget all your troubles and take your stress away. You can experience these enjoyment peaks with package programs and implementations.