About Us

We can guess our customers' holiday expectations and offer a high level of satisfaction-oriented service for them. As Sunis Hotels, we provide our guests with a comfortable and pleasant accommodation experience with 4 facilities in Antalya, the favorite tourist region of the Mediterranean, and one facility in Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, and thus enable them feel at home.

Since the first day we were founded, we have been trying to keep our customers' satisfaction levels at the highest level by hosting the values that our guests care about, combining the natural beauties offered by our location advantages with entertainment and trying to give our guests a perfect holiday.

With our 5 star service quality, we offer our guests advantages of comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. We act in accordance with the objectives of excellent service, exceptional quality and high satisfaction level, for our guests to have a happy holiday experience.

In order to provide our guests with more qualified and innovative services above the world standards among the ever-developing, changing and growing tourism sector; We act focusing on our guests, we are constantly improving our service, we appreciate our talented and trained staff, we respect the society and the environment and act in accordance with the law.

We promise to make sure that our guests will have all the necessities for a happy holiday experience in our hotels which are open to our guests from all over the world. We love what we do and we know that making the difference is hidden in the details; we know what will be good for our guests' soul.


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