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The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Antalya hosts a very important festival of the film industry. The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, the 41st season of which was held in 2004, is a milestone for Turkish cinematography. Receiving the Venus statue at the festival, which has been organized for so many years, is a very honorable prestige for those who make great contributions to the cinema world.
The founding father of the Golden Orange Film Festival is director Behlül Dal. In 1964 Dal made a proposition to have an international film festival to Avni Tolunay, who was the mayor at the time. As a result of Mr. Tolunay’s warm approach a very important event of the Turkish cinema was formed.
The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival that attracted the ever-increasing interest of people since its first years and is organized by the Foundation of Culture and Arts since 1995, can be called the Turkish Oscar.

The Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival
The Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival is a cultural event that lasts for days and takes place at one of the best-preserved theaters of the antique period. This festival that gained international recognition is a grand organization that suits Antalya. An intense interest of the tourists in this event, which took its righteous position among the world’s most important classic arts festivals thanks to the quality of representation, spectator capacity and historical properties of the venue, contributes to the enhancement of Antalya’s prestige.

The International Antalya Piano Festival
The International Antalya Piano Festival, held under the art directorship of the world-famous pianist and composer Fazıl Say, is an annual event that takes place in November. The concerts taking place at the Antalya Culture Center Aspendos Hall have been held with participation of the Virtuosos of Moscow, Azize Mustafa and Zadeh for the last 3 years. The International Antalya Piano Festival, which is Turkey’s only festival in this field, is bringing together the world-famous local and foreign artists with art-lovers of Antalya every year. At the festival, which rich program varies from classical music to jazz, Latin and special shows, the participating artists are listening the youth, receiving musical education, during organized workshops and making significant contribution in their education.

The International Sand and Sculpture Festival
In the festival, during which 25 professional sculptors will participate from the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, 10000 tons of sand will be used to create the unforgettable scenes from about 30 films. The artists will begin to create their works in April.